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Teaching is definitely not the career for everyone. A good teacher needs to be an organized individual that is good with time management, planning, and multi-tasking.

A teacher should be creative, energetic, and sensitive. If you’re good with crowd control, speaking in front of a group, and responding quickly to an abundance of emails (and phone calls) from teachers, parents, and administrators, then you may make an excellent teacher.

Many teachers get stressed out when they think of all the responsibilities that come along with teaching. Who can blame them? The list of qualities that create a good teacher is long and overwhelming. Oftentimes, we find ourselves focusing on the time-consuming training, the changes brought forward by administration, and the paperwork that needs to be done. We start considering other jobs, where you can use the restroom any time you like or zone out for a moment, and we begin complaining. If you’re a teacher and you’re stressed, or in a negative place in your job right now, here are a few reminders of why teaching is absolutely the best job there is.

The Small Moments Children say the darndest things. We’ve heard this phrase many times, but when you’re a teacher of small children the quotation takes on a whole new meaning. You take home some special memories and quotes from children each day, and a smile is often hard to wipe off your face.